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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Covid-19 safety protocols are designed for a safe and successful ride. Just Ride For A Just Cause is fully committed to delivering a safe and enjoyable ride and has implemented a list of comprehensive measures to address
COVID-19. Please review our comprehensive plan below.

All participants (riders and volunteers) are requested to promote and implement healthy behaviors that reduce the spread of Covid-19. These include but are not limited to:

  • Staying home if you tested positive or if you had close contact with someone in last 14 days with symptoms.

  • Following hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette o Frequent hand washing o Use of hand sanitizer.

  • Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing o Use “no touch” policy with others.

  • Cloth face coverings o Use of face coverings (mask) whenever practical (not required for riding)

  • Distancing o Keep at least 6 ft from everyone at all times.

Riders and Volunteer Parking:

  • Riders and Volunteers wear masks and keep at least 6 ft distance from others.

Registration and Sign-In Area:

  • Keep 6 ft distance from others when signing in.

  • Use the “clean” pens when signing in and place them in the “dirty” container when done.

Ride Start Area:

  • Once route is deemed “open,” we will implement a rolling start. Starting at 8:00 a.m.

  • Riders will be asked not to congregate in groups at the start to ensure social distancing.

Ride Routes:

  • When riding on the roadways, riders are welcome to place their mask in their pockets but upon arrival at the
    rest stops, must place them back on their face.

  • When passing other riders, the rider initiating the pass is requested to communicate when passing and the
    two riders are encouraged to allow the pass to safely occur quickly with minimal time during the overlap.


Break Points:

  • Riders are required to place a face mask over their mouth and nose when walking into the rest stop area.

  • Riders must stop at the hand sanitizer station and use the product on their hands before proceeding into
    the rest stop.

  • Riders are required to proceed on foot in and out of the rest stop area clockwise.

  • Riders should hold onto their water bottle and never touch the water or sports fluid containers but rather have the dedicated volunteers, wearing both masks and gloves, serve them.

  • Riders are encouraged to only take the packaged snacks that they will consume and avoid waste.

  • Riders will pick up their food and refresh their drinks and proceed to the rest stop area where they can eat/drink with their
    mask off. If a rider needs to go back for more food, etc., rider should put their mask back on.


SAG Support:

  • SAG drivers will not only wear masks but require all passengers to do the same during transport.

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